La Cumbiamba NY - NEW video!

La Cumbiamba NY (eNeYé) has been my main project since I moved to NYC in 1999. The band performs in a variety of formats such as: Gaitas Y Tambores, Full orchestra and Electric Sextet.  We have released two albums, Marioneta 2006 and the double album La Palma 2010. We will be going into the studio the first months of 2022 to record all the new compositions I wrote in 2020 and 2021. eI am also finishing the postproduction of a Live recording we made on October 23rd as we celebrated 20 years of profesional music activities.

La Cumbiamba NY

The powerfully rhythmic and melodic Afro-Indigenous-Colombian music of La Cumbiamba NY recreates the traditional open-air Cumbia gatherings known as cumbiambas, the ensemble’s namesake. With traditional instruments such as the indigenous Gaita flutes and the Afro-Colombian drums the group, led by multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator Martin Vejarano, has established itself as one of the finest Cumbia ensembles in the US. 

Here are some of our live performances and additional information about our sounds. Enjoy!




New section




Full Orchestra

new sec

Marioneta 2006