Welcome to CHIAMUSIC, home of NYC based Colombian multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer and educator Martín Vejarano's music projects. 

Born to a dancer/choreographer and a filmmaker/profesor in Bogotá, Colombia, Martin was surrounded by the arts from an early age.  Martín's main focus has been the traditional musics from Colombia, with an emphasis in Gaita Music. He holds degrees in Jazz and Music Theory from The Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music and The City College of New York. As an educator and music instructor, Vejarano is currently a staff member at Flushing Town Hall and a long time collaborator with the Center For Traditional Music And Dance, through which he has received the NYSEA Master-Apprentice fellowship to teach traditional Gaita Music, a number of times. Martín currently directs and leads four music projects: La Cumbiamba NYCumbia River BandChia’s Dance Party and NYC Gaita Club. In 2019 he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Children's category as a musical producer for Sonia De Los Santos' album ¡Alegría!.



SONIA - ¡Fiesta, Fiesta!

Civilization VI - Gaita and percussion!

La Cumbiamba NY - La Palma

Cumbia River Band - Stop - Go!

New Video Alert!

I am happy to share this video of Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto during their first USA tour in 2003 and a 2018 interview with Fredys Arrieta and Joche Platatalking about the story behind the journey and the recording session of "Un Fuego de Sangre Pura", the 2007 Latin Grammy winning album in the category Folkloric Music, released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings(close captions included). 

*Contento de compartir con ustedes este video de Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto en Nueva York en 2003.*


Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto in New York 20103!


Cumbia River Band has a NEW album!


Yes, we made a VINYL!




CRB - Dancing!

Chia's Dance Party - Live!