VERMELHINHO - Choro #2. Enamorado del choro sigo buscando nuevos caminos de expresión. Este tema está dedicado al Cardenal, pájaro rojo de norte América, el cual alegra mi vida con su gracia año tras año. Gracias a mi amigo Tito Duarte por ayudarme con el arreglo de guitarra y por el apoyo de siempre. 

This exercise in Brazilian music is a tribute to the wonderful and musical northern Cardinal, the red bird of North America. 

Special thanks to my friend @titoduarte who recorded and helped me develop the guitar arrangement. 

Video footage by Front Yard Video (youtube)

Feliz día querido Planeta Tierra!🌏 

Celebrando la primavera con este pequeño homenaje para el Turdus Migratorius, mejor conocido como el American Robin. Bello pájaro símbolo de la primavera. Alegria! Earth Day is Everyday! Everyday is Earth Day!🌏 Today I want to celebrate Spring 2020 with my humble homage to the Turdus Migratorius a.k.a the American Robin. I added some videos taken from the Internet so you get to check their wonderful blue eggs laying on their nest and meet this sweet bird. ROBINHO - Bico Amarelo.

Martin Vejarano - Clarinet & pandeiro

Tito Duarte - Guitar arrangement

Bird videos courtesy of Lesley The Bird Nerd. @lesleythebirdnerd

ROBINHO Bico Amarelo - CHORO #1

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Stop Go,  Cumbia River Band’s newest release is an energetic and danceable invitation for environmental action around the world.  Inspired by the Environmental Movement,  Boyan Slat & The Ocean Cleanup project and teenager activist Greta Thunberg,  composer Martin Vejarano aims to convey an urgent message of awareness while proposing a paradigm shift to save the planet and honor mother nature over comfort and the reckless consumerism displayed by contemporary humans. 

Featuring tuba, clarinet, accordion, guitar, Colombian percussion and vocals,  this cumbia in English invites all to dance and take action.

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