OUR DEBUT ALBUM "RIO" is ready!!!


Album Release Concert is on November 2nd


Tribeca Performing Arts Center

199 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007
Trains A, E, C to Chambers

Show Time: 8pm.

Link For Tickets
BTW, If you buy tickets for groups of five or more you will get a great discount.



Martin Vejarano's (Chia's Dance Party, La Cumbiamba NY) brand new project draws from a festive repertoire of Colombian Cumbia standards. These all time favorite Cumbia hits will take you back to the golden years of the genre as well as inspire you to dance and contemplate the joy and energy that this Cumbia River brings along. Featuring tuba, accordion, clarinet, percussion and voice, the band delivers a captivating sound. 

“The performance of Cumbia River Band at our last 
concert was completely explosive. As soon as they started playing, the entire audience stood up in unison and started dancing to 
their irresistible rhythms and contagious joy.” Olivia Gazzarrini, The Sonic Room 

“The crowd loved the band so much that they were trying to 

block me from getting to the front of the stage to signal to you that it 

was time to go. 

I feel lucky/blessed to have such amazing group perform during my first festival as the director of the partnership. I 

hope we can count on you again for next year “ 

Ramos, Executive Director at 82nd Street Partnership. Jackson 

Leslie A 

Heights, NY.